Advance Blogger SEO tips to boost your google rankings

Advance Blogger SEO tips to boost your google rankings

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Blogger is a free blogging platform provided by Google. If you want to start your blogging career, you can go with Google Blogger. We all know that before starting a website we have to buy a domain name and a hosting but you don’t have to buy any domain and hosting if you are using Blogger YES! you don’t have to buy a domain and hosting, Google Blogger provide you a free subdomain like and free hosting for lifetime with unlimited bandwidth means it can easily handle unlimited traffic, it also has unlimited disk space with a free SSL certificate. If you don’t want a subdomain, you can use a custom domain name also. You just have to buy a domain name from any domain name registrar like Godaddy then change the name server of the domain and use the name server provided by Blogger. And you are all set to go8-).

On-Page SEO

Topic Selection

For a successful article, you need to select a good topic and to find a good topic you have to do keyword research. There are some free tools that will help you in your successful keyword research like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Keywords Every Where,, Kwfinder.In this blog, I am using keywords everywhere and ubersuggest but you can so with any of them mentioned above. They are all free to use, some of them are partially free.

Tool Pricing
Ubersuggest Free
Google Keyword Planner Free
Keywords Every Where Free Free and premium-$69 / month
Kwfinder Free and Premium-$29.90 / month

Keywords Everywhere



This is a browser extension which can be downloaded from a chrome web store or Firefox add on. After installing the extension create a free account on keyword everywhere then its fully ready to run. Then you just have to search a keyword on your search engine it will automatically suggest the search volume, competition & CPC ( cost per click)and at the right side, it will also provide you some suggested keyword. And at the bottom of the result page where google suggest keyword shows it also shows search volume, CPC and Competition.



It is a free tool, it is not only a keyword research tool but also a full SEO tool. This tool is made by Neil Patel he is a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur. In this tool you just have to put your desire keyword and select your region where you want to rank, Then click the search button, it will suggest you relevant keyword with search volume, CPC, Competition. And at the right side, it will show you the SERP view of google with Monthly view, Domain score, Social share& Number of backlinks.

After finding the right keyword then you have to check whether the keyword you are looking to rank is in trend or not, you can check that using a free tool Google Trends. And you also have to find some LSI (Latent semantic indexing)for your body of the article & subheading of the article, you can use Google search for LSI or use a free tool name LSI Graph

You have your Focus Keyword, LSI now, you just have to write an in-depth article on your topic. Because Google loves long in-depth content and in-depth content ranks higher than an ordinary article on Google.

Content Analysis

You have your content ready. Now you have to check your spelling mistake, Google doesn’t rank article which has spelling mistake or grammatical error. Because Google thinks that the article is not written by an expert that’s why its a key ranking factor that’s many people ignore. Fortunately, there is a free tool which can do both of them check spellings and grammatical mistake. This free tool is Grammarly.

You just have to install Grammarly extension on your browser then sign-up with your Facebook or Google account, then copy your content and paste it on Grammarly, it will automatically detect the problems and suggest you the solution.

Structure Analysis

If you want to rank higher on google then you must have a good Dwell time.

What is dwell time?

⇒Dwell time is the duration between when a user clicks on a search engine result, and when the user returns from that result or is otherwise seen to have left the result.

To maintain a good dwell time you have to optimize your article structure like Headline, Title, Media, and Body.


Title of an article is the window to an article, so you have to make your title more appealing so that people click on them and your CTR (Click Through Rate) increases. Put your main keyword at the beginning of the title for better user experience.


The headline is one of the most important factors in the SEO checklist. You have to put your Focus keyword at the beginning of your headline then make the headline colorful, use different fonts to make good eye-catching headline then set the alignment of the headline.


If you want to rank then you have to add good quality media in your posts. Like Pictures, GIFs, Info-graphics or even Videos. Creating infographics is a good way to convey your message. Not just adding the media in your blog post will do the work for you, you also have to optimize them. Firstly, you have to compress the images and info-graphics to increase your site speed. you can use image compressor to compress the images. Then you have to add the image title and image alt tag. Use keyword on image title and alt tag. Now your media files are fully optimized.


Body of a blog is the main part, it contains the real content. So to optimize this body section you have to put LSI keywords in your body, put focus keywords on your article’s sub-headings and bold the related keyword(few once). Remember maintain a good keyword: content ratio, don’t use more than 10 keywords if your article has less than 1000 words because Google penalizes the websites that perform keyword stuffing. Google prefers user experience than any other thing, so to increase your UX you have to use the right font size that suits your article and use correct fonts size with appropriate colors to make your article more beautiful.


Off Page SEO

Back Links


Search for shutdown and renamed businesses (no longer available) replace the off-link to your link that is a backlink to other sites, replace those backlinks. Look for popular content and try to create some thing better than it and then promote it. Use tools like ahref ,   or use free tools like Ubersuggest to find the website who already li8nk back to your competitors, try to contact them and tell them that you have a better content like the content they already had link to their site, tell them to check your one also if they like it then then they can link back to your site.


Media is a good way to get high-quality backlinks. You can create good quality info-graphics and send them to different site owners if they like the info-graphic they can also use that on their site, just add a link at the credit section. Use PDF and upload them to a different website or create good quality GIFs and send them to different site owners you will get high-quality backlinks.

WEB 2.

Social Book Markings

There is an easy way to get high-quality backlinks from different popular website like Quora, Reddit. Use these sites, create an account then answer the question asked by different users, if want wants you can add a link to your answers. You will also get a good amount of traffic also.

SEO Settings

Post SEO

There are some useful settings that you should perform before publishing any post.

post seo

  1. 1.Set labels
  2. 2.set up a permalink, use keyword in your permalink
  3. 3. Write an eye-catching search description and use keywords to rank on google.

Blog SEO

Use this setting to rank your blogger on Google.

blog seosearch preference
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Advance Blogger SEO tips to boost your google rankings
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Advance Blogger SEO tips to boost your google rankings
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