Primorye gambling zone in Russia is getting a new hotel and casino complex. Primorsky Krai Development Corporation (KRPK) announced that work on the new complex construction will begin in September this year.

Moving forward after two years:

Asia-Invest Group LLC, a renowned construction and project management company, is overlooking the construction. In October 2021, the company revealed its plans to invest up to $US 34 million into the complex. 

However, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the construction for a bit, but the plans remained on board all this time, and KRPK decided that now was the time to finally move forward and do something about the long-expected casino and hotel. One more reason that lies behind the delay is that Asia-Invest Group got the building permit which is necessary for the construction, just now, and without that, the companies couldn’t do anything to move forward.

The completion of the first stage of the construction is scheduled for August 20, 2025.

Alexander Kim, a director of Asia-Invest Group, said: “Currently, we are negotiating with contractors for earthworks, laying engineering networks on the site and developing interior design, and the project estimate documentation is also being prepared.”

The preparations are still in progress, and the main structure of the complex will take a few months to complete, and work on it will last from September 2023 to March 2024. The next step will be the installation of the facade panels.

We don’t know much about the casino itself since the company is still preparing the working documentation. Along with that, the design documents for Phase 2 will be ready to submit soon.

After the first phase, the hotel will be able to receive guests in 80 hotel rooms. The casino will have 30 gaming tables, as well as 200 slot machines. This eight-story complex will provide about 450 people with jobs.

Two major crises in Russia:

The Russian market suffered a lot during the recent period: the first crisis was the COVID-19 pandemic, and the second was the war between Russia and Ukraine. It’s no wonder that two major projects in Vladivostok were delayed just before Asia-Invest Group confirmed moving forward with its project. The first was supposed to be overlooked by NagaCorp, and the second was an ambitious expansion project led by Summit Ascent, the Tigre de Cristal owner. 

This is the third casino in the gambling zone, and it will be situated 50 kilometers from Vladivostok, Russia’s Pacific port. Besides this one, there are already Tigre de Cristal, which opened in 2015, and the Shambala casino resort, which opened in 2020.

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