Grow your business while being an EDUPRENEUR

Grow your business while being an EDUPRENEUR


As an entrepreneur , juggling a dozen different softwares and programs to run your online business is less than ideal. Streamlining where you can will save you time and money and help take the overwhelm away from running your online business.

One of the greatest things about social networking site is that it’s growing more than a platform for just selling online.

You can use for it’s landing pages, email collection, blog, and even to sell other digital products.

Today, I wanted to walk you through how to use social networking site too boost your business.

Before we get started:
Who is an edupreneur? You don’t have to look any further than your Web browser to find practically unlimited examples. There are experts like Caroline Wabara and thousands of others who are creating and selling online courses based on their expertise.
Or, people like Omamuzo Samson and James Iroro @ingenius, even the legions of educational podcasters and video creators who are developing more and more ways to turn these media into businesses. In short, because of the massive shift technology has enabled in how we can connect with an audience and share our expertise in seemingly unlimited ways, edupreneur are everywhere.
Edupreneurship also can be a great Upsell to add to your existing offers. If you’re wondering what an edupreneurship is, take a moment to watch our Upsky Masterclass.

Watch the Upsell Masterclass

* Introducing Edupreneurship?

* How is edupreneurship different than entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneur and Edupreneur are incredibly similar, the main difference being that edupreneur have a more personal relationship with their clients.

There tends to be more one-on-one interaction between an edupreneur and their student, whereas an entrepreneur may be working with hundreds of people each month and therefore not have enough time to work one-on-one with everyone.

We often find that edupreneur will Upsell her products / services to people who have already purchase and need more intensive or personalized training.

A few things to consider with edupreneur :

Edupreneur usually comes with a more premium price point than entrepreneur because you’re devoting time each week or month to your clients. Edupreneur also costs more because of supply and demand. Whereas you can sell your course to thousands of people, you only have 24 hours in a day so you’re limited on how many coaching clients you can take.
Edupreneurship is a great Upsell, you can offer students after they’ve purchased your online course. You don’t have to sell complete coaching packages, but even just offering 4 1:1 1 hour long sessions during the duration of your course could be a great value that your students would be willing to pay premium price for.
Edupreneurship requires a significant commitment from you. You’ll have customers counting on you to be prepared and show up each week.
Why entrepreneur might want to sell online products, We find that so many entrepreneur were educators first before venturing into sales, and swear up and down they’ll never go back to educating. Sales are great because they’re passive income and you can reach so many more people, but there are definitely solid pro’s to coaching

Coaching is very personal. For online entrepreneurs, it’s easy to sit at home on your laptop all day and not have any real human contact. If you’re coaching for 2 hours each morning, that’s two hours that you’ll get to share your passion with someone and connect on a human level.
You can charge a lot more for a coaching package than you can for online sales. If you’re in an expansive niche, usually the quantity of students taking your courses makes up for the price disparity ten times over, but if you’re incredibly niched down, having 3 or 4 people signed up for a $1000 coaching package each month will make a noticeable difference in your bottom line.
Coaching clients become your biggest brand advocates. Check any entrepreneurial Facebook page and if anyone asks for a coaching recommendation, you’ve got dozens of people swearing that their coach is the best in the business and life changing. People really trust and respect their coaches, and they’ll act as free word-of-mouth advertisement.

As far as setting up your online coaching offering, you’re set! Skywalk Academy Team is on standby too help guild you in every step of the way. We make your customers excited and up too speed with our special touch in video making, digital marketing and a well devised sales funnel too market your products and services. We Write blog posts that are relevant to your online coaching topic, that help you showcase your authority in the subject, and that provide value to people who read it.
Share your blog posts via social media or offer them to other people who have relevant audiences as guest posts.
Create a simple lead magnet (worksheet, checklist, or ebook) or a mini course to capture leads.
Add a call to action to your blog post inviting people to download your lead magnet or sign up for your mini course.
Invite new leads to sign up for online coaching. You can do this either on the thank you page after they become leads, via email afterward, or both! We @Skywalk also use email marketing to nurture your leads and customers and generate more sales.
Chances are, the majority of people who sign up for your freebie aren’t going to sign up for your online coaching right away, and that’s OK.

The key here is to get them into your marketing funnel and prime them to hopefully buy in the future. Another thing to remember is that not everyone is open to the idea of having an online coach.

That’s why it’s a good idea to diversify your offering so even if portions of your audience aren’t converting into coaching clients, you can still sell them something. Coaching and online courses go hand-in-hand beautifully, so once you’ve set up your coaching business, consider adding a course element or vice versa.

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Grow your business while being an EDUPRENEUR
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Grow your business while being an EDUPRENEUR
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