Advance SEO To boost your rank To #1

Advance SEO To boost your rank To #1

Advance SEO

wordpress seo infographic is a free platform to start your blogging career. It’s easy to custom & easy to manage your blog posts. If you want to start your blogging career & don’t want to invest a single penny, you can go with or Google Blogger, Blogger is also a free platform by Google. have premium plans also, where you can add a custom domain and add different premium themes & Plugins. With this premium plans, you will also get some premium theme and Plugins for FREE.

Why You Should Use

As we all know the internet is growing exponentially as well as blogging. So there is probably more than 10 Billion blog post on the web and approximately 7 blogs for every single person. So if you want to start your own blog but there is a confusion your mind that your blog will be popular or not, then you can try this platform it’s totally FREE to use.

Write some articles on your blog then see whether your posts are getting views or not. If you think there is a potential on your posts, then you can buy their premium plan and add a custom domain. Customize your theme and make your blog more beautiful. Then try to rank on google. As you know the competition is very high to rank on the 1st page of Google. If your posts are not ranking on the 1st page of Google then you will not get sufficient views to generate revenue. So to rank on Google, I am gonna show you some SEO tips to boost your Google ranking up to the top.

To create a Free blog on, visit their official website & create a FREE account, then complete the required settings that are suggested by

Now you have to choose a perfect theme that suits your blog, then customize the theme to make the blog more SEO friendly. Add a widget to the right position of your blog and remove the unwanted widget from the blog. Create menus and pages so that your visitors can hover around easily.

Don’t forget to add Privacy Policy and Terms And Condition pages on your blog.



To make your blog post goes viral you have to choose the right title with right keywords. To choose the right keyword you have to spend some time on keyword research. Keyword research has three main aspects

1.Search Volume

2. Competition

3. CPC.

You should select the keyword that has high search volume & low competition with relatively high CPC. To find such keywords I use a Tool –

, you can also try and see the magic


You can also go for longtail keywords, they have low search volume but also have very low competition and will easily rank on Google’s 1st page quite easily. To find such effective longtail keywords to can go for this tool name



image seo

You should use images, infographics and media to make your blog more beautiful, and don’t forget to add alt text, caption, and image description to optimize your images. Researchers found that the top 3 article that ranks on the 1st page of Google contains more than 1920 words.So you should create content which has more than 1900 words, also try to create in-depth content and maintain the readers intent. Don’t do keyword stuffing, those are old school technique to rank that doesn’t work anymore. If you do keyword stuffing Google will penalize your article and its quite hard to rank again on Google.

After creating the content you must add a category, tag and feature image. Also, add the description to the post and use keywords on your description also to rank on Google.


Use the keywords to find your competitors, use tools to find competitors those are already ranking on Google for the same keywords. I use a thin tool to research my competitors.

After getting the list of your competitors check the DA, PA of your competitors and also to check how many back links they are getting.After getting the competitor list copy one of your competitor URL and paste it on this tool to check the linking opportunity.

After finding the linking opportunity create high-quality backlinks, and after creating backlinks your post will rank on #1 page of Google. And your blog will drive huge traffic and you will get high page views.

Advance SEO
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Advance SEO
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